Upute za virtualnu konferenciju

We will use the software Zoom for our video conference. Here are some hints on how we try to run
the meeting smoothly:

  • Please join the meeting some minutes before the start so that technical any problems can be solved.
  • Icons: Once you have zoom running you have to move your mouse to the bottom of the window and there you will see icons for the tools you can use: micro on/off; video on/off, participants, chat, ...
  • Micros: When you enter the video conference your micros are all set to mute to avoid too much clattering at entry; you can all switch it then on. However, during the discussions it would be good if you all turned it off – except the person who is speaking – and only turn it on when you speak. This helps avoid hearing any keyboard typing of other participants or other noises that may happen at your place.
  • Video: We can switch the video on at the start to wave hello to everybody, but the experience is that the sound and clarity of the spoken word is much better if you turn this off during the session, mostly. If you have a zoom account (you do not need one) you could upload a photo of yours or any other picture which can be shown instead of your video; otherwise it will just be your name that is displayed during the meeting in a matrix view.
  • Participants: If you click on the icon for participants, a window opens, normally on the right hand side of the zoom window and will display all participants already in the room.
  • How we assign the order of speakers: Important!
  • I ask you all to open the chat window (click on the chat icon at the bottom to do so). This will normally also open on the right hand side of the zoom window, below the participants’ window and will have two boxes aligned vertically:
    • The record of all chats you have received.
    • At the bottom: your chat window into which you can write a message.
    In this lower box you can choose whether to write a message to all participants or to an individual participant. If you want to say something, please send a message to all, saying “speak” or something similar. This will appear in the chat window above, visible to all participants, so it is always clear to everybody who is next to speak. Bob will call you when it is your turn to speak (stepping in of the Chair of the meeting is of course exempted from this rule).
  • Ask questions: You can also write your full question in the chat while someone is reporting.


To use zoom, you can either access it through your browser, or you will need to install a client (if you don't already have it). The link you will receive to attend the meeting should lead you directly to the download option; the installation really only takes a few seconds, and you are then automatically connected to the meeting.