Challenges in meteorology 9

The importance of agrometeorology in supporting the agricultural sector


Scientific-professional conference with international participation

16-17 November 2023 KRAŠ Auditorium | Ravnice 48, Zagreb, Croatia


  PHOTO: Goran Gašparac (up) i Zora Bačić (down)

Farmers will agree that extreme weather and climate change are a major challenge in the sustainable food production. Therefore, accurate and reliable information about the expected weather conditions in the coming days, weeks and months is extremely important to them, in order to achieve a successful food production.

The goals of the conference are: to discuss the ways in which agrometeorology, as an important link in the production chain, with its specialized meteorological products can respond to the needs of farmers in efficient food production; to exchange the latest scientific achievements in the fields of meteorology, climatology, applied meteorology, environmental protection and sustainable development; to strengthen the communication with users of meteorological data and products, the general public and the media and to promote and popularize meteorology.

The meeting is open to all users and providers of meteorological information.

The expected results of the conference are closer interdisciplinary cooperation between meteorologists and users from all areas of social and economic activities focused on supporting the agricultural sector, as well as developing awareness of the importance of strengthening communication among all relevant stakeholders.


Organising committee:

Vesna Đuričić (HMD) – Chair

Domagoj Dolički (HMD)

Jadran Jurković (HKZP)

Ivan Lukac (DHMZ)

Vjeran Magjarević (DHMZ)

Antun Marki (GFO PMF)

Josip Meštrić (DHMZ)

Željka Prša (HAgMD)

Mladen Rupčić (DHMZ)

Nikola Vikić-Topić (HKZP)


Scientific committee:

Višnja Vučetić (HAgMD) – Chair

Mislav Anić (DHMZ)

Danijel Belušić (GFO PMF)

Andreina Belušić Vozila (Inst. for agriculture and tourism, Poreč)

Zvjezdana Bencetić Klaić (GFO PMF)

Darija Bilandžija (HAgMD)

Ivana Čavlina Tomašević (DHMZ)

Goran Gašparac (HKZP)

Branko Grisogono (GFO PMF)

Ivana Herceg Bulić (GFO PMF)

Kristian Horvath (DHMZ)

Damjan Jelić (Asap-Concept d.o.o.)

Amela Jeričević (HKZP)

Petra Mikuš Jurković (DHMZ)

Branimir Omazić (GFO PMF)

Lidija Srnec (DHMZ)

Nataša Strelec Mahović (EUMETSAT, Germany)

Petra Sviličić (DHMZ)

Jadranka Šepić (PMF Split)

Maja Telišman Prtenjak (GFO PMF)



  • meteorologists, agrometeorologists, climatologists and other experts

  • high school graduates and graduating degree students in meteorology

  • representatives of the media

  • representatives of the economy

  • the general public

  • users of meteorological information



  • Agrometeorology

  • Climate change and adaptation

  • Meteorological extremes and their impacts

  • Climatology and biometeorology

  • Environment protection: air quality

  • Renewable energy

  • Weather forecast

  • Applied meteorology





Abstract submission date: 9 September 2023


Abstract acceptance notification: 16 October 2023



Croatian Meteorological Society



Department of Geophysics, Faculty of Science

Croatian Meteorological and Hydrological Service

Croatia Control

Croatian Agrometeorological Society

Under the auspices of:

Ministry of Agriculture      Ministry of Science and Education


City of Zagreb





Supported by the European Meteorological Society