Short Survey On Croatian Meteorological Society History

National demands for weather and climate are changing rapidly. Weather, flood and climate operations, as well as services for the general public, business and government sectors were evolving in the middle of 20th century. Responding to these and other issues, a group of meteorologists from Hydrometeorological service, Geophysical department of Zagreb University and the Airport meteorological service decided to establish the Meteorological Society which would help to develop the science of meteorology and the services to apply the new tools in their work, in particular the objective methods using the numerical procedure, analyses and forecasting.

Thus, on 11 May 1965 Croatian Meteorological Society was established with 60 members from the above institutions. The first annual assembly took place on 27 January 1966, and D.Sc. Vesna Jurčec was elected as the first president of the Society. However, after a short time she had to leave the country for another mission, and D.Sc. Dražen Poje took over the leadership of the Society.

During the next 20 years activity of the Society was modest, concentrated mainly on professional lectures and popularity of meteorology on radio, television and other media, particularly on the celebration of Meteorological Day on 23 March every year. On these occasions the presentations were given on the themes selected by the World Meteorological Organisation for particular year.

On annual meeting of Society 17 June 1986. a new president was elected D.Sc. Nadežda Šinik from the Geophysical Institute. On 26 May 1992 the Society was registered in Croatian Civil Association.

During the last decade of century the Society was much more active than earlier. Several new presidents were exchanged. 28 June 1990 new president was M.Sc. Janja Milković, from 12 January 1998 M.Sc. Ivan Čačić, and on 23 March 2001 for president was elected D.Sc. Marjana Gajić-Čapka.

During this time publication activity was particularly important tasks of Society, which was financially supported first by Croatian Scientific Union and later on by the Ministry of Science and Technology. From 1990 the Society published its own scientific journal Croatian meteorological journal, which is now the official organ of the Society devoted to editorials, articles of interest to a large segment of the membership, professional news, announcements and Society activities. The journal is exchanged with a large number of societies, libraries and institutions in Croatia and abroad.

In 1996 the Society, in cooperation with Školska knjiga (School books organization), has published a book Meteorology for beneficiaries under editorial of Prof. Branka Penzar with 21 authors. The book is an attempt to assist in a higher quality use of meteorological information. The authors having in mind an improved standard of living in Croatia have aimed to provide help to experts concerned with planning and the development of production and economic life, promoting the health condition and ecological education.
Thus, one of the main aims when establishing the Society was successfully accomplished.

There were other publications for popularisation of meteorology by M.Sc. Milan Sijerkovic, and textbooks for students, in Agrometeorology by Profs. Ivan Penzar and Branka Penzar, and General and Air traffic Meteorology by Dr. Branko Gelo, for which the author obtained the award Josip Juraj Strossmayer for natural sciences.The Society was engaged in organization of several scientific Conferences and Symposia, in agriculture 1994, hydrology in 1995 and 1999, marine meteorology (Palagruža) in 1995, and the largest Conference devoted to the life and scientific work of Andrija Mohorovičić held in Zagreb in 1998 with 190 participants.

The Society participated in conducting the GLOBE programme, in which M.Sc. Marina Grčić and M.Sc. Janja Milković were particularly contributing.

Concerning the international affairs the Society joined the membership of European Meteorological Society where M.Sc. Alica Bajić was representative of Croatia which became one of the 22 Members State establishing this Society. Today there is 25 Members and the Society issues the Newsletter twice per year, in which also participate the members of our Society.