Objectives of the Society

The main objectives of the Society are:

  1. to promote and to popularize meteorology
  2. to work on the creation and the further development of the professional and public opinions on important issues in the atmospheric science and applied meteorology
  3. to work on promoting and sharing the results of the meteorological research in all areas of social and economic activities that depend on weather and climate
  4. to participate in the preparation process of the proposals for solving the problems of the profession, staff, legalisation and other issues
  5. to participate in the creation process of the strategies for the development of the meteorological activities, in providing opinions and scientific expertise of studies, projects and other documents relevant for the development and for the application of meteorology
  6. to encourage the development of the educational and scientific improvement systems for the meteorological personnel
  7. to encourage the improvement of the educational activities for experts in other fields

In order to achieve its objectives, the Society:

  1. publishes the scientific and professional journal "Croatian Meteorological Journal", and optionally publishes other scientific, professional or popular periodicals and publications or books
  2. works with organizations and institutions dealing with meteorology
  3. cooperates with meteorological societies and other similar organizations in the country and abroad
  4. organizes lectures, seminars, etc. in order to improve the technical and scientific competence of the members of the Society
  5. organizes meetings and conferences to present professional and scientific results, to present current state analysis and to determine general policy development of the meteorological practice.