P1.1 G. Skok: Objective climate classification of Slovenia

P1.2 J. Calbó: Cloud cover in the Mediterranean region: differences between global and regional climate models

P1.3 L. Cvitan: Future heating and cooling needs at the seaside and in the mainland of Croatia

P1.4 D. Espín Sánchez: Extreme heat in the Guadalquivir and Segura River Valleys (Spain): contrasts and a case study of the summers in 2015-2016. Comparison using the high-resolution mesoscale model AROME 1.3 km

P1.5 M. Zoldoš: Basic climatology of fog at Eastern Adriatic airports based on METAR reports

P1.6 J. Bech: Absolute Extreme Point Rainfall Depth vs. Duration Scaling Analysis in Spain

P1.7 V. Ruiz Álvarez: Analysis of precipitation trends in Murcia Region (Southeast Spain) over the period 1956-2015

P1.8 K. Cindrić Kalin: Dry spells modeling using the extreme value distributions

P1.9 I. Nimac: New 1981–2010 climatological normal and comparison to previous 1961–1990 and 1971–2000 normals for temperature, precipitation and humidity in Croatia

P1.10 K. Zaninović: Perspective of Croatian tourism in changing climate

P1.11 M. Cordobilla-Cascales: Trend Analysis of Precipitation in the Muga River Basin (NE Spain) in Western Mediterranean area

P1.12 A. Sfetsos: The development of climate services from high resolution seasonal prediction model. Examples from case studies in Greece

P1.13 A. Sfetsos: The role of climate data in assessing critical infrastructure resilience to climate change

P1.14 L. Arbiol-Roca: The role of the WeMOi in the occurrence of torrential rainfall in Catalonia (NE Iberia)

P1.15 V. Telesca: Climate change and human health: correlation between bioclimatic conditions and hospital admissions

P1.16 J. A. Guijarro: Homogenization of daily climatological series with Climatol 3.0

P1.17 E. Tan: Sensitivity Analyses of CMIP5 simulations for heat waves occurred between 1965 and 2014 in Turkey

P1.18 D. J. Behzadi: A Review on Climate Change in Weather Stations of Guilan Province Using Mann-Kendal Method and GIS

P1.19 P. Mahmoudi: Synoptic Anomalies Resulting in Pervasive Frosts in Iran

P1.20 D. Celinski-Mysław: The role of wind structure in controlling vertical wind shears’ variability over the Mediterranean region

P1.21 T. Stilinović: Temperature and precipitation change over the Mediterranean region