Interdisciplinarity in Atmospheric, Oceanic and Hydrologic Sciences

P6.1 J. L. Palau: Assessing the Role of changes in Land Uses in the accumulation and feedback of water vapor and pollutants. Research Project: VERSUS

P6.2 J. Berbić: Possibilites of using machine learning in water resources management

P6.3 J. Berbić: A panel data analysis for estimating the influence of human activities on CO2 emissions

P6.4 I. Vilibić: Role of atmospheric and hydrological forcing in shaping dense water formation in the northern Adriatic Sea

P6.5 K. Horvath: Numerical analysis of atmospheric conditions during an exceptional meteotsunami event in the Mediterranean

P6.6 D. Klarić: The pillars of Adriatic marine meteorological Center - AMMC

P6.7 M. Tudor: High-resolution operational NWP for forecasting meteotsunamis

P6.8 S. Grgurić: Application of Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Model for reservoir Butoniga

P6.9 M. Dutour Sikirić: Wave modelling in the Adriatic

P6.10 M. Dutour Sikirić: Storm surge modelling

P6.11 C. Denamiel: Towards the Adriatic meteotsunami early warning system: modelling strategy and validation